wired in - everyday

a virtual world we live in

Our real world is a 4 dimensional environment where we live on. And the term real world professes the meaning of our physical existence in this real time to our society. But there persist a different world too, that many of us are unaware of. This next world is “Virtual World”. A virtual world is fairly a vague and inclusive term which encompasses almost all of the sensory technologies and virtual realities in a virtual environment.

a work of art

A resolute work of art is somewhat more pleading act for a valuation in monetary forms. Whether we believe in the cunning idea of monetary evaluation of artistic approach is plausible and acceptable or not, we have the scrutinized way of viewing the work of art and its forms in the perspective of monetary terms. A work that depends upon the valued terms may seem to be out of the receptacle search for the followers of art and its maniac.

tech breeds laziness

In this 21st era of scientific triumphs, human civilization with techno-craft advancement and sensory technologies has created numerous small global villages in a prolific manner which professes a major testimonial to the ethical and techno-development of the world community. It has always been a counteract part for the major difficulties faced by the technophiles in the process of ongoing innovations. Due to this, technology has been thought But intending to create a smooth pace of luxurious technocracy in future, technological aspects has made us more indifferent to the taste of labour and gulp of deserving wagesas a major culprit for laziness among the new generation and creeping society.

technology ? curse ; blessing

A degree of intense advancement with a core motto of comfort and speedy ways in our daily lives is merely a never ending desire of technology in our workplaces. Yes, it is the vigorous need and vague materialism thoughts which has brought our workplace in front of quick access of assessment in technology. And this technology has overpowered our workplaces. We have been spontaneous receiver of the ineffable blessing from the task of technological workplace.